We call on the government to withdraw from the European Arrest Warrant

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Join Conservatives for Liberty and special guest speakers from inside and outside Parliament on 28th February as we ask the government to withdraw from the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) as part of its Brexit negotiations, and make interim arrangements to protect people living in the UK from abuses of the EAW as we negotiate Brexit.

What’s wrong with the European Arrest Warrant?

In short, the EAW assumes parity between participating countries: perhaps a reasonable assumption when the only members were Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. However, the EAW is now valid in all 28 EU member states, some of which have very questionable criminal justice systems.

The greatest flaw in the EAW as compared to other extradition treaties is that British judges cannot prevent extradition based on a lack of prima facie evidence. Even if it is clear that there is no evidence against the subject of the EAW and no case to answer, a British judge cannot block extradition: they can only rule against an EAW on human rights grounds or political motivations.

This has led to cases like those of Andrew Symeou – the British national extradited for Greece accused of a murder where there was no evidence against him – Symeou spent a year in horrific pre-trial detention conditions before being found innocent. And Alexander Adamescu, the German citizen resident in London who is accused of corruption charges in Romania, again, with no case to answer, and whose father recently died as a result of dreadful prison conditions.

Register to attend

Join us on Tuesday 28th February in Committee Room 10 of the House of Commons from 6:20pm (for a 6:30pm start) to hear a succession of speakers share their experiences of and opposition to the European Arrest Warrant.