#ImHardLeft: Nothing to be proud of


Declaring #ImHardLeft is a lot like admitting to being a paedophile or a former member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Those tweeting it ought to know better. Yet the hashtag is trending on twitter.

No secular religion has caused as much damage to the human race as socialism. Nearly 100 million human beings were murdered by communism and 28 million by National Socialism between 1900 and 2000. Yet whilst Nazism is rightly reviled, the communists are still with us.

Radical leftists have never been shy about supporting tyrants and mass murderers, so long as they held the right views on capitalism and inequality. Stalin’s Soviet Union never lacked apologists in the capitalist west. Neither did Maoist China or Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.

Mass murdering exponents of revolutionary terror like Trotsky and Che Guevara are still beloved by the hard left. If I walked down the high street wearing an Anders Brevik T-shirt I would expect to be pelted with refuse, beaten and arrested for hate crimes. Yet ‘Che’ has become an acceptable icon of revolutionary youth.

The far left are still fascinated by dictatorship. Left wingers view anti-democratic, poverty stricken hell-holes like Cuba and Venezuela as a sort-of paradise on earth.

Leftist MPs pose with ‘democratic’ leaders who promise “street violence” if they are not re-elected. Socialist journalists routinely praise governments that cannot even provide their own people with food and toilet paper for tackling poverty and inequality.

‘Inequality’ is the left’s trump card. We hear all the time that ‘the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer’, but this is simply not true. The rich are getting richer, yes, but the poor are getting richer too – just not quite so fast.

The obsession with inequality has its roots in the Marxist contention that wealth is stolen from the workers, who create value with their labour. This is a lie too. Value exists in the mind. If no one wants what you (or more likely your employer) are selling it doesn’t matter how much of your labour you put into it.

No prophet of doom has been proven wrong quite so often as Karl Marx. Capitalism, Marx claimed, would reduce the masses to subsistence level poverty. The middle class would die out and a tiny elite would rule over a world of serfs, prompting the proletariat to rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie. That didn’t happen. The middle class grew larger and living standards for the masses improved dramatically.

Socialists invoke Marx as a ‘man ahead of his time’ who foresaw the ‘crisis of capitalism’ more than a century before it happened. The truth is he was about as accurate in his predictions as Michael Fish.

Yet the ‘inequality’ delusion persists. A recent survey of Labour voters showed most favoured bringing back the 50p tax ‘for moral reasons’ even if it meant the government lost tax revenue.

As Mrs Thatcher put it, it doesn’t matter to socialists that the poor get poorer so long as the wealthy are dragged down even further. When equality matters more than alleviating poverty, you know your priorities are messed up.

The defining characteristic of the modern far left is its priggish self-righteousness. Only they, the enlightened ones, have a monopoly on compassion. Since they are self-evidently the ‘good guys’ then anyone who disagrees with them must be a villain.

This logic explains the abuse radical leftists routinely hurl at their opponents. Protesters gather at the Conservative Party conference every year to scream “Tory scum” at delegates and threaten violence. Wherever the anti-Islamist English Defence League march, you can guarantee the Unite Against Fascism gang will be there to crack a few skulls in the name of ‘anti-racism’.

The collective howl of rage that passed through the twittersphere after the Conservatives won the 2015 general election says it all: ‘we are good and you are evil, and we will destroy you the first chance we get’. So angry were the assembled hordes of the left (all 200 of them) that they felt the need to descend on London and deface a war monument.

If a leftist disapproves of something, it’s a good bet they will try to ban it. From ‘offensive’ speech to ‘sexist’ adverts, you only need to browse twitter or change.org for a few minutes to find their latest obsession.

The left cheered loudest when Lord Justice Leveson called for press regulation. They constantly demand that those they despise be sacked or arrested. Yet the moment their own freedom is challenged they cry foul. It’s almost as if no one ever explained irony to them.

Perhaps this illiberal streak is the reason the far left have embraced political correctness with such militant zeal? ‘Thou shalt not cause anyone to feel offended’ has acquired the holy status of the Ten Commandments to anyone on the left.

If you disagree with a lefty and happen to be white, middle class or well-educated, you will inevitably be told to ‘check your privilege’. A new generation of ‘social justice warriors’ hunt down the supposedly bigoted and intolerant on the internet.

Naturally, such concern for the feelings of others does not extend to those whose views leftists define as bigoted and illegitimate. Left wing student union officers tweet #killallwhitemen. PC types cheered the loudest when the BBC sacked Jeremy Clarkson. Petitions to have professional troll Katie Hopkins arrested for hate crimes are so common they are barely worth noting.

Exploiting political correctness allows the left to shut down debate before it even starts by applying a convenient label to those who oppose them. After all, why even debate with a ‘racist’?

Political correctness does real damage to society. Left wing Labour councillors repeatedly ignored warnings about the vast scale of child abuse by Pakistani men in Rotherham. Apparently they did not want to appear ‘racist’ or hurt the feelings of Muslims – the vast majority of whom I imagine were just as outraged as the rest of us.

Leftism, particularly radical leftism, is all emotion and feelings. Marxists pretend their socialism is ‘scientific’ but we all know that’s a lie. Science means acknowledging evidence that challenges your worldview. When have the radical left ever acknowledged that capitalism and free trade have lifted billions out of poverty?

Anything that challenges a socialist’s worldview must be eliminated. Thus history is rewritten. National Socialism – left wing nationalism with a genocidal racist bent – is considered ‘right wing’ because racism is nasty.

Reminders that their countries engaged in colonialism or were once colonies must be destroyed in order to make way for a brave, airbrushed, new world. Left wingers accuse the Conservative government of engaging in eugenics – a cause the left enthusiastically made their own in the early twentieth century.

Being ‘hard left’ is nothing to be proud of. The self righteous enthusiasts for tyranny, thought policing and revolutionary terror should hang their heads in shame. The rest of us ought to regard them in the same light as we do the late Sir Jimmy Saville.