It is wrong to ignore ethnic minority voices
who voted Leave


It’s official: 52% of the country are racist, if you go by the rhetoric a large number of remain supporters are churning out. Yep, 17,410,742 voters all turned out to vote leave, all white British – all unable to string two coherent words together, with a can of special brew in hand and screaming that they hate foreigners.

Hang on a minute, I think there’s a problem.

According to “White voters voted to leave the EU by 53% to 47%. Two thirds (67%) of those describing themselves as Asian voted to remain, as did three quarters (73%) of black voters. Nearly six in ten (58%) of those describing themselves as Christian voted to leave; seven in ten Muslims voted to remain.”

“Aha!” I hear you cry out in triumph. “This proves that the result was based on racism, look, see? 57% of white voters voted to leave, and the majority of ethnic minorities voted to remain.”

Before you start the celebration drinks, answer me this: what about the 33% of Asians, myself included, who voted to leave?

Or the 27% of Black voters who voted to leave?

Or the three in ten Muslims who voted to leave?

Last time I checked, Muslims for Britain, a group who heavily advocated a leave vote, and who I campaigned for, didn’t exactly have a white majority.

Are we now complicit in racism towards each other?

The trouble is, we are never going to find out the answer – because no one wants to listen to us.

You might wonder how a conversation with a lot of Remain supporters, as an Ethnic Minority, might go. Never fear, I’m here to give you an insight and sum it up briefly:

Remainer: “If you voted Leave, you are complicit in racism and Xenophobia”

Me: “Well, I’m half Pakistani and my mother is an immigrant, daughter of Pakistani expats in Kenya to be precise. My father’s family also originate from Germany. Anyway, I voted Leave; was my vote based on racism?”

Remainer: (Silence)

Either silence, or they will tell you that they are surprised you would be so stupid and self-hating to have voted to leave the European Union, because wanting to leave the European Union is racist.

A few days ago, I was in the audience on BBC Question Time, the EU referendum special. A point was made about how Brexit demonstrates racism, and although a few of us yelled back refuting, with our hands up in the hope we would get to speak for the ethnic vote for Leave, the issue was only slightly addressed when a man from Tehran (for those thinking immigrants didn’t vote leave, Tehran is in Iran, not England) had to shout why he voted leave, and even then, no one entertained his comments.

So here, I reach my point: A lot of Remain supporters actively post on social media a selection of print screens and photos and articles referring to racism, and suggesting that those who voted Leave are complicit towards it.

Yet, they completely ignore the fact that many people from ethnic minority groups voted to leave the European Union. They claim that the vote was based on racism, and that we are complicit in racism, yet they ignore our voices, dismiss them, and pretend we don’t exist.

As an ethnic minority who voted Leave, I riddle you this: Is it not racist to completely ignore the voices of BeLeaveErs who were ethnic minorities? It seems that you are happy to reference us if you agree with us, but once we stray from the “correct opinion” on the EU, you don’t wish to hear us out?

That, in my opinion, is more racist than voting Leave – because they are using ethnic minorities to push their own political opinions.

They are using us so that they can vent their frustrations because the vote didn’t go their way, and as an ethnic minority, I say “Not cool.”

When Remainers ignore the voices of ethnic minorities that voted Leave, just because it’s inconvenient to their view that Remain should have won, then they are complicit in the very racism that they are trying to associate with Leave voters.

My message is this: Get off your high (usually white) horses, stop with the sanctimony, and stop using us to virtue signal and show how progressive you are. Enough is enough.

On that note, I’m off to try and get the Lottery re-drawn; my numbers didn’t come up and I’m very upset.

Zara has written a follow up to this post, read it here: Isn’t it strange how so many Remainers suddenly care about racism?


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