The SNP don’t want Scottish independence

There is little so galling as the self-righteousness of that pernicious bastion of hypocrisy the Scottish Nationalist Party. Nationalist pose as defenders of democracy; but Nicola Sturgeon is only a democrat when it suits her. They compare themselves favourably with Brexiteers as outward looking believers in unity and togetherness but fomenting separatism, bitterness and division is at the heart of everything they do. Worst of all, they champion the cause of Scottish “independence” when what they are offering is nothing of the sort. This is the fundamental contradiction at the heart of the Nationalist cause which will ultimately lead to failure.

A key tactic of the Nationalists is to act as if Scotland is an unwilling hostage in the UK and to belittle the historically disproportionate influence of the Scots within our union. They portray the UK Government as alien rulers with no mandate and try and divide us by wrongly insisting that the Scottish and English are irreconcilably different. Despite past reassurances, the Nationalists are refusing to respect the outcome of the 2014 referendum in which they lost by a clear margin. They have carried on regardless obsessing over their separatist agenda at the expense of everything else. Now they stamp their feet and insist a UK wide vote doesn’t apply to Scotland.

Although Nicola Sturgeon never objected to the EU referendum and therefore accepted its legitimacy, it produced a result she doesn’t like thus she now insists that it is ‘democratically unacceptable’. Perhaps her preference is for the fascist concept of plebiscitary democracy, when the result is only legitimate if it conforms with the wishes of the government? She even said that she could block Brexit, does that mean it is democratically acceptable for around 5 percent of the votes cast to overrule the fifty-two percent? Hypocrisy, thy name is Nicola.

The truth is that as long as the system advances the Nationalist agenda, the democratic deficit isn’t an issue. You will hear no complaints from Nicola that the Nationalists hold every single Scottish seat in Westminster but one; meaning half of Scottish voters are unrepresented. You can be absolutely certain that when the next Scottish referendum comes she will seek to exclude the 800,000 Scottish voters living in the rest of the UK. This clearly implies that those Scots that have the audacity to live, even temporarily, elsewhere in the country have lost their democratic rights and are not properly Scottish.

After Scotland voted in favour of the UK, the SNP demanded more powers for Holyrood. Now, rather than focussing on using their newfound powers to benefit Scotland, they are obsessing about separation. And separation from the rest of the UK, particularly the English, is what they seek; not national independence. This glaring contradiction is not discussed enough and demands an explanation; they are a party dedicated to national sovereignty and yet they wish to join an organisation designed to extinguish it. They actively desire to be ruled by the EU.

Either they are aware of this contradiction and simply cannot admit it publicly, or they are so blinded by ideology that they simply cannot see it.

During the TV debate in the referendum campaign Nicola Sturgeon spoke of the EU as if it were an association of independent nations akin to NATO or the G20. This is simply not the case. The EU is a supranational organisation with an executive body in the European Commission, a legislature in the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, a central bank and a powerful judiciary in the European Court of Justice.

As a Member State, the Scottish government would be subordinate to all of these institutions.  It would also be required to adopt the Euro, meaning its fiscal policy would ultimately be decided in Brussels and Frankfurt where its budgets would be pored over. Before long Scotland would be constrained to live within its means, leading to austerity on a far grander scale than anything the hated Tories have implemented.

The EU would have exclusive control of Scotland’s trade, monetary and fisheries policy and increasing control of agriculture, energy, environment, transport, telecommunications, foreign affairs and defence. Scotland would be bound by Treaty to represent the EU’s position in every international organisation of which it was a member and every conference it attended. That’s the situation as it stands; and the direction of travel is deeper integration at every level and less powers for national parliaments.

The SNP do not want Scottish independence, they just want to leave our successful union of nations because they want to separate from England above all else and cut off their nose to spite their face. By campaigning to leave the UK and join the EU they are asking Scotland to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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