The SNP’s scathing attack on social mobility

The death of social mobility.

Imagine the horror if one day you received a letter in the post informing you that you had secured a place at university. You are the first in your working class family to go into higher education and with three or four years of hard work, revising and exams you could go on to have a well remunerated career. You could buy a brand new car, take your family on holiday to create memories that last a lifetime, and have a comfortable bank balance at the end of each month.

Well, if you were born into a poor family in Scotland you are four times less likely to go to university than your wealthier peers. The SNP’s “free tuition” effectively uses the taxes of people on a low income to subsidise middle class graduates; hitting the poor hard and failing in the central aim of the policy.

If you are poor yet want to aim high; Scotland is the worst place to live in Britain.

Now the SNP have gleefully abolished the “right to buy” policy; they apparently don’t want the working class to have the security of home ownership. Home ownership is a great agent of social mobility and the “Right to Buy” policy enabled families to get on the  property ladder and have something to leave to their children.

The SNP’s scathing attack on social mobility has  higher education or getting on to the property ladder. Whilst they enjoy well remunerated careers in parliament with two homes Scotland’s poor are left stranded. If you are British and left school without university entry requirement qualifications and now want to go as a mature student your best route is to go to college. Unless you are living in Scotland. The SNP slashed college budgets by millions. Highers (Scottish A-level) courses abolished. In 2009 the number of college staff was 20 thousand by 2013 it was as low as 13 thousand.

How are disadvantaged Scots supposed to get ahead in life while every agent of upward social mobility is taken from them? Here in the United Kingdom, the next generation is always supposed to have a better life than the previous. This is disappearing before our eyes north of the border. With the finger pointed at London and the blame lying in Edinburgh a caste system is in sight.

What really is the SNP motive? Create as much turmoil and hardship and claiming it can all be cured by their rejected notion of faux-independence? It certainly looks like it. Or do the SNP still not grasp they can not legislate people out of poverty or tax others into prosperity? Who knows.

What has been affirmed is that socialism doesn’t pull anyone up, it only drags others down.

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